A bare wall in your home can be a good feature, especially in a more modern space, but if you feel your bare wall simply looks like something is missing, you may be wondering what to fill it with.

If you’re looking for something a little different to generic pictures of scenes that seem to appear on all of your friend’s walls or photos of the kids from years ago, we’re here to help.

We’ve compiled a list of 5 of the best and most interesting ideas to spruce up your walls.

Frame the kid’s artwork

Kids-artworkIf your child is happiest when armed with a piece of paper and a crayon, why not use your wall space to pay homage to their efforts? To avoid the chance of it appearing as if you’ve just simply stuck scraps of paper onto your wall, you could frame them or make a collage with them. They will absolutely love showing off their best work to your visitors, and the massive bonus is of course that it’s free!

Make use of your old windows

If you’ve recently updated your windows with www.anglianhome.co.uk or other good companies, ask if you can keep your old windows/window frames, as these can be used to create really unique pieces of decor. Use them as photo frames, display boxes, or even double them up as a shelf if they feature a thick frame. You could also distress the frames using sandpaper to give them a more rustic, shabby chic feel.

Use photo frames with a difference

Photo frames are no longer just for photos – get creative! Attach your favourite frames to your wall, and stick a range of decorative items in the middle of them, including dried flowers, sculptures and even light fittings. Repurposing your old frames in this way is also a great way to save money and recycle your old goods. It also means they’ll be unique to your home and personality, meaning you won’t find them in any of your friends’ homes.

Utilize interesting mirrors

MirrorMirrors are really useful when used in a productive way, as they can work to make a room appear larger and also brighter. As well as for practical reasons, use mirrors as a form of artwork. Why not use a number of matching mirrors together to create an interesting and unique look? Experiment with the positions you attach them in to work out the best look for your space.

Update your wallpaper to create a focus wall

Wall-paintingWhy not even update the actual wallpaper with a decorative, statement alternative? Add a feminine and classic look to your room with floral wallpaper, or aim for a more modern twist with striped or spotted wallpaper. This will automatically brighten up any wall and add interest, therefore meaning you won’t have to worry about adding anything else to it. Ensure that you opt for complementing colours so that the paper goes with the rest of the room’s decor.