High Impact Home Improvement Tips

The recession, and more importantly the concurrent slump in property prices, forced many people to look at ways of adding value to their homes.

In particular, owners of buy-to-let properties, worried by the dwindling bottom line of their investment, hoped to re-coup some of the cash.

Although prices have recovered somewhat over the past year, many still remain keen to maximize the potential of their property, should they decide to sell in future. With this in mind we take a look at five ways you can add value to your home or property – from internal oak doors to a lick of paint!

Replacing doors

Replacing old or cheap doors with something quality is a sure fire way to brighten up any house. After all, the first thing any buyer will see is your front door, so swapping the UPVC white plastic unit for a solid oak door is bound to leave a good impression. This is one case where it isn’t always necessary to purchase brand new –sometimes aged pine, teak or oak doors can be an even more effective way of brightening up your home.

Replacing windows

The benefits here are two-fold. Old single glazed windows are often hugely energy inefficient. This makes them an ideal candidate for home improvement, as the initial cost can be recouped in lower energy bills over the years. In addition, aesthetically, quality sash windows or other wooden frames really do look the part. If you can discover wooden frames that match your oak doors, the effect is intensified further. Matching décor throughout a house makes it a much more attractive prospect, which leads us neatly onto…

Decorating for continuity

If you’ve got chrome door handles and white light switches in the same room, it could be time for a change. Attention to detail here is important – does the paint match the carpet, windows and doors? If you’ve chosen a deep or dark color in a room with internal oak doors, then it may look a tad dingy. Ensure that all elements of your house not only match, but also compliment each other.

Changing fittings and fixtures

Covered above, but worthy of its own section simply because it can be so important. Budget fittings stick out a mile off, and they’re relatively inexpensive to replace. If you’ve gone to the effort of moving furniture around, fitting sash windows and a big oak door as an entrance, now isn’t the time to scrimp and save.

Re-appropriating rooms

It isn’t always clear what the best way to use a room is when you first move into a house. It could also be the case that your circumstances may have changed since you originally purchased a property – the kids have moved out; you’ve taken a new job etc. Changing the function of a room can be a great way to attract buyers – a bedroom into an office or vice versa for example. Utilizing space as efficiently as possible can contribute significantly to a properties value, and best of all it’s free to implement.

This post was written on behalf of UK Oak Doors, experts in exterior & interior oak doors.