Floral accents aren’t just for Grandma’s house anymore. Bold patterns have been trending, providing dramatic looks from modern and romantic, to farmhouse and shabby chic.

Consider adding floral accents to your living area, kitchen or bedroom for an extra and unexpected touch of color.

Floral Accents


If you’re hesitant, start by incorporating bold floral patterns through small accents. Add a centerpiece of fresh-cut flowers in a small rounded vase. Opt for fragrant roses, daisies or other flowers with rigid stems, and remove all leaves at the base before adding water. Next, try throw pillows. Floral patterns pair best with geometric shapes like stripes and help brighten the view. Like in nature, flowers are often crisp and are found in bright colors, leaving the same effect on your interior space. For a more modern option, add a pop of color with floral pillows on clear ghost chairs to further enhance an otherwise simple piece.

A third accent option is to add a floral area rug to your space. Rugs can be easily swapped out to make a dramatic change to your room, so consider rotating two or three rugs in your living space around the seasons.

  • Bright, playful rugs should be paired with contemporary furniture of solid colors or minimized patterns.
  • Pair watercolor print or more muted patterns with bright vases, lamps or accent pillows.
  • For monochromatic rug prints, brighten the room with floral accents placed higher in the line of sight.

Regardless of the rug’s placement within your rooms, don’t allow floral patterns to compete.

Floral Furniture Patterns

If you’re ready to wade a little deeper into floral decorating, add larger furniture statement pieces with a bold floral print. Select a floral style that best complements your home’s decor theme, and emphasize just one to two hues throughout the room to avoid visual clutter. For example, if the floral furniture pattern you select offers a variety of reds and fuschias, repeat just one or two of the exact hues with accompanying artwork, vases and decor.

Opt for realistic, edgy prints that are outside of your comfort zone for the biggest visual improvement. For a modern home, florals can bring softness, while adding interest and personality to traditional decor. For shabby chic homes, florals can create intimacy and cohesion.

Floral Wallpaper and Art

If you’re smitten with floral, consider wallpaper or large pieces of art—just be sure to pick something that aptly represents your personality. For the quirky character, pick something very bold and bright. For the more reserved personality, opt for a piece of artwork that is soothing with a lighter, muted color palette. Don’t shy away from wallpapers. When incorporated properly, they can offer endless motifs and possibilities. Hang wallpaper with a subtle floral pattern to softly incorporate floral into your decor, or opt for striped wallpaper to make your other floral accents and enhancements really pop.

HomeLife offers the following guidelines for wallpaper patterns:

  • Stripes and checks are an excellent starting point, especially when selecting your color palette.
  • Mix various widths of stripes for a coordinated base with a difference.
  • Florals and complex patterns are easy to introduce as a complementary accent, such as framed fabric.
  • To ensure patterns work together, select them at the same time.
  • Balance patterns with strong pieces of furniture in a plain weave and color.