Duette® energy saving blinds are the perfect solution for your conservatory, providing welcome climate control as well as fitting beautifully into the architecture of the conservatory and looking amazing.

They can bring your conservatory to life, transforming the space into a room that you will enjoy all year round.

Conservatories tend to be cold and chilly in the winter, and too hot in the summer. Duette® blinds put you back in control of the climate, by helping to reduce heat loss in the winter, and keeping the heat out during the hot summer months. This also means that you can reduce your energy bills by as much as 25%, because your Duette® blinds will reduce the need for expensive heating in the winter.


The unique honeycomb structure of original Duette Conservatory Blinds is brilliantly designed to trap air inside and provide valuable insulation, and the Duette® fabrics have a special coating which adds to their effectiveness by reflecting as much as 78% of the heat away from the outside, yet cleverly keeping it in when you need to stay warm. Your conservatory will become more enjoyable to use all year round, thanks to Duette®.

Take a look at the fantastic reasons to choose Duette® blinds for your home:

Energy Saving

Duette® blinds feature a unique honeycomb construction that makes them soft, durable and highly energy efficient. The shape’s built-in insulting characteristics help to reduce heat loss by 46%.


Environmental Control

Do you want to be comfortable despite the scorching summer heat? Then choose Duette® conservatory blinds which reduce heat intake by an incredible 78% and cut the sun’s glare by 99% too.

Sloping Roof Varieties

These made-to-measure conservatory roof blinds fit neatly into your sloped windows and give a distinctive style and unique finish. Never worry about your privacy again, whilst also keeping control of natural light in your conservatory.

Range of Colours

The range of opacities and colours provides you with complete freedom to reflect your personal taste and style, as Duette® comes in a spectrum of colours and finishes. Find the perfect conservatory blinds to complement your existing furnishings and create a warm and comfortable environment.

Motorised Options

As well as manual options, Duette® energy saving blinds can be installed with a motorised system that gives you complete climate control at the touch of a button. With so many windows to cover, motorisation is the perfect solution in the conservatory, and you can have several settings that allow you to easily adjust light and privacy according to the seasons.

For more information on the Duette® range of conservatory blinds, simply visit http://www.duette.co.uk/conservatory-blinds/