DIY Services

Epica Home specializes in DIY crafts which can be used as home decors. Here, we provide a lot of ideas and tips on how to create specific crafts. 


Why do we do this? We believe in sprucing up your home with decorations that are made by your hand. We believe that this gives a warm and fulfilling feeling to the homeowner and strengthens his or her love for the home.  


Creating a secret storage space 


Today we will be discussing the possibility of creating a secret storage space in your home. You see, it’s always fascinating to be able to hide a cabinet or storage space where you can store important items. In order to create this secret storage space, follow the steps below:  


  1. Determine the area where you’d like to put the storage space.  
  1. Buy a painting that has a frame that is at least ¾ of an inch in thickness and is bigger by at least an inch on all sides of your cabinet or storage space.  
  1. On a flat surface, lay the painting facedown. Put the cabinet at the back of the painting, making sure that it is centered.  
  1. Open the cabinet and mark the four corners of its doors at the back of the painting.  
  1. Remove the cabinet. Drill a hole at each of the marks at the back of the painting.  
  1. Put the cabinet on top of the back of the painting again, making sure that it aligns with the holes. 
  1. Drive screws through the holes into the frame. The cabinet is now attached to the painting. 
  1. Mount the cabinet on a wall. Voila, you now have a cabinet which is hidden behind a painting.  


Do you think this is a great idea? Check back here for more tips on DIY projects.