How to Repair Damaged Blinds

Roman blinds can give a home an elegant and classy look, while preventing the bright sunlight from filtering into the room, however, after prolonged use, the blinds may no longer lower, raise or tilt properly due to broken cords, slats or wand.

Depending on the material used, some window blind styles can be quite expensive. Instead of replacing the old blinds, homeowners can save on the cost by repairing the damage themselves.

Repairing Broken Cords

If the blinds are hanging unevenly, the pull cord may have become tangled in the head rail, thy this:

  1. Carefully untangle the pull cord and straighten the blinds by raising and lowering them with the pull cord.

If the pull cord is broken or worn out, do this:

  1. Take the blinds down from the window and place them on a flat surface. Cut the knot off at the end of the pull cord and pull the cord through the slat holes.
  2. Measure the new pull cord by placing it along the old pull cord and cut the new one to the desired length. Thread the new pull cord through the cord lock hole in the head rail and wind it through the slat holes.
  3. At the bottom rail opening, carefully ease the pull cord through and tie a knot in the end of the pull cord. Hang the blinds back on the window and check to see that they raise and lower properly.

Repairing Broken Slats

If you have blinds with broken or chipped slats, here’s the steps you’ll need to take to fit em’:

  1. Take the blinds off the window and lay them on a flat, level surface.
  2. Remove the bottom rail and untie the knots on the pull cords.
  3. Working upward from the bottom, remove each slat up to the ones that are broken.
  4. Replace the broken slats with new ones by sliding them through the ladder strings.
  5. Put the bottom rail back on and tie a knot at the end of the pull cords.
  6. Cut the pull cords to the desired length and hang the blinds back on the window.

Repairing the Wand

If the blinds will not tilt properly when closed with the slats facing downward

  1. Twist the wand in a counter clockwise direction while pulling down on the back cord.
  2. If the slats are closed and facing upward, twist the wand in a clockwise direction while pulling down on the back cord.

To completely replace the wand, do this:

  1. Remove the metal end stiffener from the head rail.
  2. Take the C-clamp out of the head rail’s metal rod and pull it out from the wand.
  3. With a flat screwdriver, open the head rail and remove the wand.
  4. Using needle-nose pliers grab onto the wand and let it snap back into place in the opening.
  5. Reassemble the C-clamp, metal rod and the metal end stiffener.
  6. Hang the blinds back on the window and test to see that they open and close properly.