Wood burning stoves can bring a beautiful feature into your home. Additionally, they are an environmentally friendly alternative to heating your home, making them a choice which is fast growing in popularity with today’s homeowners and property developers.

If you love fire burning stoves, you’ll be pleased to know that the wood burning is a renewable source of energy which limits the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere (comparatively to other heating sources) and this is a step forward in tackling the issue of global warming and pollution.

Additionally, if you buy hardwood logs instead of softwood, you can benefit from energy efficiency in the home as hardwood has twice the burning time as softwood does, meaning you could save money on energy consumption in the home.

So what about the look and feel of a wood burning stove and how do you incorporate it into your interior design themes? Wood burning stoves are a great luxury if your home can accommodate them and they are also available in different styles to look fantastic with traditional décor or a more contemporary look.

Here are some different stove designs that could work in your home:

(The following styles are available from www.woodburningstovesandflues.co.uk)

Traditional wood burning stove

Traditional stoves

This is the classic design recognised by all.  They are traditional in appearance with a simple black cast iron finish with all the classic design features. These can be placed in the middle of a room or set against a wall with a traditional flue. If you have traditional home decor, this type of stove is perfect for your home. Or if you have an interior design theme which mixes old and new together, this would work well too, giving your room a strong focal point and feature that stands out.

Enamel wood burning stove

Enamel stoves

These stoves are great for traditional home decor or one which emulates a country cottage.  Enamelled stoves are available in various colours to work with you current design theme and have a fabulous country farm chic feel to them.

In Set wood burning stove

In set stoves

These wood burning stoves are the perfect amalgamation between old and new, taking the old fashioned concept of a wood burning stove and putting it into a modern setting. Placed in your wall, these stoves are best suited for contemporary properties or houses which are lacking in space.

Contemporary wood burning stove

Contemporary stoves

This style of stove still has the original concept and build of a traditional one but with sleeker, tidier finishes, it works well in a slick, modern apartment.