Renting an apartment is always a bit of an ordeal. Finding an apartment that is hopefully the perfect blend of affordable, yet roomy, not to mention one that’s in a good neighborhood, can often be challenging.

Once the act of finding the perfect place is complete, the task of making your temporary abode your own begins.

Finding the perfect place is a pretty insurmountable task, but one way to make it a place worth coming home to is to decorate with style and originality. There are a million and one ways to spruce up a boring white wall, so let’s take a look at a few ways to do just that.

Hang It Up

hanging_picturesphoto via Tim Hicks

Gallery walls have been a source of inspiration for home décor enthusiasts for some time, but it seems like the trend shifted into overdrive last year – and with good reason. Some landlords have a thing about making holes in the wall, but with a bit of putty and a palette knife, they’ll never know. There are, of course, some alternate possibilities for temporary wall hangings, like Velcro strips and sticky hooks that you can go with instead.

When it comes to your gallery wall, don’t be afraid to play around. You can work with a theme, such as frames of the same size, which all feature black and white photographs. Or, you can combine different sizes, frame types, and art styles to allow the installation to speak to your personality. Group together your favorite art prints, kids’ artwork and photos in different sizes for wall art that is all your own.

Mirrors Everywhere

mirrorsphoto via Renters Pages

Using mirrors to make a space seem bigger is one of the oldest tricks in the book – with good reason. This tried and true method will open up a small room, as long as it’s done correctly. A mirror placed in a disorderly room will do nothing to mask the size of the space, so make sure   the area is as uncluttered as possible to make this work. Placing the mirror across from a window allows for the light to reflect off the surface, essentially creating a mirrored window.

Another option would be to prop up a large mirror, as in the photo above. What this does is makes the ceilings appear higher, giving another layer of interest and a different way to make the room seem larger.

Light Up the Room

lightingphoto via Houzz

The lighting fixtures that come pre-installed in rentals and new homes are generally the worst sort of eyesore. Most rental agreements will usually specify what kind of modifications you can make in terms of replacing any fixtures in the location. Generally, so long as you replace the lighting fixture and don’t just leave a naked light bulb, you’re likely to be able to do as you please when it comes to replacing any hardware. Use this to your advantage by picking unique enhancements for the room. Whether you’re just looking to brighten up the area, or bring in something decorative, replacing lighting fixtures is an easy way to bring in a bit of interest. The bonus is that you can bring it with you to your next place.