When choosing your bespokely made curtains, you’ll think about the window itself, the fabric, the length, and whether you want it lined, but headings aren’t often given that much thought.

The curtain heading can set the tone for the room, so making sure that it fits your style is essential.

The Fixture


curtains (Photo credit: NoDivision)

How you fix your curtain to the wall can be important, both aesthetically and practically. A curtain track means that the curtain hides the track itself, and means that less light escapes upwards. Available in PVC or metal, you must make sure that you have the right track to support the weight of your curtain. Tracks can also be corded, unlike poles, thus taking out the effort of having to open and close them yourself. They create the illusion that your curtains are floating in front of your window. A curtain pole, on the other hand, is visible above the curtain, can add to the style of your room and act as a pretty accessory.

Curtain Poles

Curtain poles allow for more of a variety of curtain headings and a choice of eyelets, rings or tab tops. They can also be made from different materials such as wood or metal and are available in a range of different widths. A chunky wooden pole will add a more homemade rustic feel in comparison to a slate grey thin metal one, for instance.


The finials on the end of the poles are the finishing touches of the curtain pole, and are the accessory where you can be a bit more extravagant. Whether you go for a metalwork design, a sparkling cut glass ball or a simple wooden handle, the finial can really add that little something to your window dressing.


Eyelets and tab top curtains fit directly onto the pole, making them very easy to swap and change for a differently designed curtain. Tab tops look homely and are favourites by DIY-ers as they are easy to make. However they can be difficult to pull over curtain poles, especially if they are wooden or the curtain is long or heavy. Eyelets tend towards a more modern contemporary look, but because they’re made of metal they are easily pulled. They are good for when space is limited as they neatly fold together when open. Curtain rings are very versatile as they are made in a range of different materials and available in different finishes. You can therefore create whatever you look you want with the right choice.

The pleats at the top of the curtains can have an impact on your style too. A pencil pleat is the most common curtain heading, if you want a traditional look, go for these as they are simple and relaxed. A triple or double pleat is more formal and classic, consisting of two or three pleats drawn together, it is perfect for the dining room. A gathered pleat is a rustic heading that looks best with a deep pleat in a country home.