Size matters…at least when it comes to selecting the ideal window treatment blinds to fit different types of windows.

Windows are an integral part of every home as well as a décor aesthetic that is selected to look best in a home.

Custom blinds enhance the function of windows and offer a lot of choices and versatility with many different shapes and styles. Following are some ideas for a few of the most popular windows of today’s homes.

Picture Windows


Picture windows are one of the most popular styles of windows and are incorporated in almost every home today.  The choice of blinds is best based on their function depending on the time of day in which direct sunlight beams into a room.  For instance, if early morning sun shines in, most likely accordion pleated blinds will do best as they prevent unfiltered light from disturbing those last few minutes of precious sleep.  If the window is on the side of a home or building that receives indirect sunlight all day or is shaded, venetian blinds or sheer shades allow the natural light to come in the room without much glare.

Palladian Windows

Probably the most elegant style of windows and popular with many of today’s newly constructed homes, Palladian windows create a love-hate relationship when it comes to natural light.  No matter the time of day, at some point, direct light beams through the arched window disturbing those sleeping or causing excessive heat in a large area.  A perfect solution is to install custom blinds like accordion pleated blinds, sheer shades or even Venetian blinds.  No matter the style, one thing that is a must have is to these is to have a remote control system that makes it easy to open and close the blinds allowing you to have the best of both worlds – natural light when you want it.




Skylights are another love-hate relationship for homeowners.  While they let in natural sunlight and cut down on the need for artificial light, they are the cause of excessive heat in a room not to mention the direct glare that appears and seems to stay.  Sheer shades and accordion pleated blinds block the glare but let the natural light filter through to create that glow only seen with natural light.  Because they are built into the ceiling, it is essential to incorporate the remote control system so that you can close the blinds when necessary.

Glass Doors

Glass doors add a touch of style and tradition that give a home a certain lift.  However, they do not prevent direct rays from shining into a home which can cause floors to fade and areas to overheat as well as people on the outside to look into your home.  Sheer shades and venetian blinds from Thomas Sanderson are an ideal way to keep the harmful rays and nosy neighbors from peaking inside.  They are also easy to raise and lower at a moment’s notice.

Something for Every Window

No matter the size or style of windows in your home, it is always necessary to make sure the blinds you select match the window.  That is why it is important to invest in custom blinds designed and installed to fit the windows in your home.