I spend a lot of time online and find some very interesting things but today I found something that actually inspired me and even had me wanting to go buy some wood to build a DIY Cubby Wall Shelf from Pottery Barn Kids.

The inspiration came from Jen Woodhouse, where she outlines step-by-step how she created a pretty solid DIY Pottery Barn Kids cubby wall shelf that she created from some left over wood around the house. This $99 cubby wall shelf was made in 2 hours and I’m sure it was super cheap since it sounds like she had all the materials, however, buying them shouldn’t cost more than $30 + you get the cool experience.

Here’s the finished product:

DIY Cubby Wall Shelf

Source: jenwoodhouse.com

As I mentioned above, I see a LOT of these type of posts around the web but this one for some reason just made me want to put work down and start building this right away. Go check it out, get inspired and create something new around your house!