Hardwood flooring can add tremendous value to your home while giving you the stylish look and feel that stands the test of time.  If you are considering adding hardwood flooring to your home, make sure you do the proper online research before making a purchase.

Hardwood flooring is an investment. Although it can sometimes be expensive, it is often a wise investment.

Online stores that specialize in hardwood flooring offer style and color options to fit the look of your home. Some sites offer live chat with flooring experts that can guide you through your decision making process. Real hardwood floors can be had on nearly any budget if you take the time to look for bargains and do your research online.

Hardwood floors

The Obvious Solution

The Internet has a wealth of information regarding hardwood flooring. A sometimes misunderstood option for hardwood flooring is engineered hardwood flooring. Engineered hardwood flooring is in fact real hardwood flooring throughout the entire plank. You get the same look and feel as traditional, solid hardwood flooring with additional benefits such as resiliency to heat and humidity. This is due to the process in which it is constructed. Engineered hardwood is comprised of multiple layers of hardwood flooring that are placed together in a way such that the grain pattern is in opposing directions with each layer. This makes the plank more structurally stable, and less likely to warp. Engineered flooring is also typically priced better than solid flooring, because the beautiful, expensive wood is only used on the veneer layer (top layer). The core of the floor is typically comprised of a birch or pine core that is durable and cost effective.

Variety of Styles

Engineered hardwood floors come in a variety of styles and species, just as solid hardwood flooring does. Birch, Acacia, Strand Woven Bamboo, Brazilian Cherry, White Oak, Hickory, Maple and other species are all commonly found in engineered flooring. Many online retailers offer samples so you know if the quality, construction and color is what you are looking for. Certain stores offer completely free shipping on these samples. Color temperatures vary greatly and can have an effect on how the planks look. Take advantage such offers to see the color in the light of your own home.

Easy To Install

Engineered hardwood flooring tends to be easier to install on your own. If you plan to do it yourself, you should thoroughly read about the process to make sure you are installing the floors correctly. Installation methods include floating, glue down or nail down. Floating a floor is the process of laying down a foam underlayment and placing the planks above it. This method is cheap, easy to do, and allows the flooring to be a little softer on your feet. The downside is it is slightly louder to walk on. Gluing a floor down will give the most solid and quiet installation, although it is a slightly more complicated install, and the adhesive adds a bit to the cost of the project. Lastly, if the floor is being installed over a wood subfloor, then nailing is an option. This method is both solid and cheap. Some discount flooring websites may guide you through the installation process or have free manuals and tools to help you with a successful installation.

Hardwood floors

Discount Sites

Sometimes even large hardware stores do not have want you are looking for in terms of different types of hardwood flooring. It is often a good idea to look online for retailers that specialize in hardwood flooring. If you’re uncomfortable with the idea of shopping online for a large purchase, consider hardwood samples that can be shipped directly to your home before you buy. There are several online stores that also have real showrooms if you want to see the quality of the wood in person. Check the physical locations on the site to see if you can visit a showroom in your area.

Installation Discounts

If installing engineered hardwood flooring is not something you want to do on your own, there is help available. Contractors may offer discounts if you have them do a large area. Alternatively, if you ask around you may be able to find an experienced flooring installer in your area, who can do the job at a more affordable price than the services offered at large home improvement stores. An average price for hardwood flooring installation is around $2/sf, although this can vary greatly by region and installation method.

It is possible to get a cost effective hardwood floor. Visit discount sites and find the hardwood floor that’s right for you. Do you have a flooring success story? How did you achieve cost-effective flooring?

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