There are many things to look out for, along with simple checks that you can do, that surely will help you detect leaking pipes on your residential or commercial property. The simplest way to check for leaks in your plumbing is to avoid using water from your showers and taps for a short amount of time (two hours), shutting off the water main, and then checking the meter before and after that time period. If you notice an increase in your second reading, then there is definitely a leak somewhere in your property, and you need to call a plumber to help you find and repair the leak.

Here are some things to look for when you are looking for leaks.


Checking for Leaks in Your Home

When checking for leaks in your home, here are the things you need to do:

  • Watch out for water pooling under your fridge and dishwasher. Do this only if the said appliances are connected to your plumbing.
  • Check for any discoloured and warped walls, bench tops, and cupboards.
  • Make sure that your toilet cistern is not running continuously. This is a very important thing to remember as toilet leaks are very common and can cause hundreds of litres of water to end up wasted. Check the toilet cistern by placing food colouring in it. If the water in the toilet bowl suddenly changes colour even if you have not flushed, then your toilet has a leak.
  • Find frayed, cracked, wet, or bulging hoses connecting your washing machine as well as water under your laundry tub or washing machine.
  • Look for drips on the water heater.
  • Head to the garden and search for wet patches or patches of grass that look greener than the rest of the grass in the garden. You can also look for unstable and damp concrete or brick paving.
  • Check for leaks and drips on garden hoses and sprinklers.

Checking for Leaks on Commercial Properties

Looking for leaks on commercial properties requires you to do the following:

  • Inspect the toilets, taps, showers, piping joints, hose nozzles, and other parts of the plumbing of the commercial property each month. Assign someone to do this task for you.
  • Make sure to regularly check equipment that requires water and set up a preventative maintenance schedule to keep problems from arising.
  • For concealed pipe work, you can hire plumbers to find leaks for you using pressure testing methods and acoustic detection units.

When leaks are found in your home or commercial property, make sure to inform licensed, reliable, and skilled plumbers about the problem immediately. Plumbing issues of all sorts are considered as emergency situations, and thus, never attempt to fix the problem yourself so you avoid making it worse. If you are living in Australia and need the services of skilled and licensed plumbers, then check out: