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Land for sale

How to Choose The Right Location for Your New Home

The location of the plot of land will definitely determine the design of your house too, so it’s imperative that you get it right.


Too Hot, Too cold? Perfecting climate control at home.

With the ever-changing British weather, it can be difficult to get the temperature in your home just right. The best way to cope with this problem is to implement ways to control the temperature in your home. 1. Portable air conditioning In the UK it’s rare for homes to have air conditioning built in, but […]

New Home Buying

The Advantages & Disadvantages of Buying New vs. Used Homes

Are you looking to buy a home? If so, I’m sure you’ve asked yourself the question “New or Used?” just like everyone else. Today we’ll review the advantages and disadvantages of buying new vs. used homes.


Knowing When Its Time to Move Out of the Home-Office Into a Real Office

How does one know when to transition from the home office into a business office? Well, today we are going to cover five indicators that will give you those answers. Are you ready to move?

Home Insurance

Why Home Insurance is Important to any Homeowner

Many homeowners do not understand the importance of home insurance and how it can protect their family. In this post we’ll go over some basic points that explain how important it truly is.

Emergency Home Repairs

Financing Emergency Home Repairs, in a pinch

Mother nature has recently brought us some pretty rough weather lately leaving us with costly home repairs that just can’t wait! But what do you do when the cash is running low and need it done now?

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