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A guide to keeping your garden and its contents secure

When I look around my garden, though, its contents add up to hundreds of pounds – so I’ve decided to ramp up my security.


How to Attract Birds to Your Backyard

Turning your backyard into a bird garden takes more than adding a birdhouse so today we are going to review how you can attract all those pretty birds to your backyard.


Building the Best Backyard: Landscaping Tips for Your Home

The backyard is no longer merely a place with a swing set and a lot of grass to mow. With a little thought and planning, your backyard can truly become a beautiful and functional extension of your home – a place to relax, entertain and get back to nature


The Best Things to Plant in Your Garden for the Spring Season

Spring is in the air, and this is the perfect opportunity to start or even perfect your home garden. From flowers to greenery and vegetables, there are a variety of garden design possibilities that can make your garden shine this season.


City Garden Design-Making Usable Spaces

One of the most basic requirements of a successful garden design is to entice its owner from their house out into it, and preferably to use as much of the space there as possible, walking around its extremities as often as possible.

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