Garden & Landscape


Seven Deck Railing Designs

The following deck railing ideas offer a variety of styles and may help you create a more functional outdoor space.


A Guide to Choosing an Outdoor Canopy

Councils are always looking for affordable ways to provide covers, such as bus shelters and canopies are the perfect solution.


How to Remove a Tree Stump in 4 Easy Steps

If you recently cut down a tree and need to remove a stump in your yard, now is the time.


New and Exciting Pool Toys

There is so much more to water fun than just lying on a float or diving for coins.

Garden Maintenance

Maintaining your garden throughout winter

In this context, it’s worth thinking of some of the ways in which you can successfully maintain and protect your garden throughout the winter.

Real Grass

Artificial Grass vs. Real Grass for Your Lawn

Some love it and others prefer real grass, but artificial grass has come a long way since the Astroturf of your school days.


Pet Proofing Your Garden

Pet-proofing your garden is not only vital, it should ideally be carried out before you bring your new pet home so that both you and they can enjoy being outside without the risk of injury, or worse.

Perennial flower

Three Amazing Ideas for Your Spring Garden

But consider this;by holding off on your garden plans for a while longer, you may be able to develop your designs, cultivate your creativity and improve the efficiency of your grand design ideas.

Above ground pool

Helpful Tips For Choosing The Best Above Ground Pool

When picking out a pool, you will have to decide whether you want a portable pool that can be disassembled and moved to a new home or one that cannot be moved.


How to Keep Your Lawn Green All Year Round

Whether you’re in the south east and sweltering in the summer, or you’re in the north and your lawn is drowning in December, or even if your garden has taken a beating from all the frost and snow, you can still make sure your grass keeps that healthy green lustre, simply by following a few tips.

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