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Ways To Revitalise Your Home Decor in 2014

With a little know-how and elbow grease, there are many directions you can take with your home decor to create amazing spaces that cater to your particular tastes and personality…

Place setting for Christmas

Creating a Warm and Inviting Space for Your Holiday House Guests

Chances are, some of those travelers are making their way to your house. Welcome overnight guests by preparing your home for their arrival.


Tips for Redecorating your Dining Room in Time for Christmas

You wouldn’t be alone in thinking that there couldn’t be anything worse than a home decoration project at this time of year. However, we’ve compiled some tips to help this venture be as stress free as possible.


Five Simple Ideas to Decorate your Bare Walls

If you’re looking for something a little different to generic pictures of scenes that seem to appear on all of your friend’s walls or photos of the kids from years ago, we’re here to help.


Build Your Own Home Theater Without Hiring the Pros

So, want to turn your home into a personal theater for your own private enjoyment that feels just like the real thing? Here’s how.


Tips on How to Plaster a Concrete Wall

By applying plaster to your concrete walls you not only make them look a lot nicer, but you also add to their moisture resistance and make them more level, meaning you can paint them and hang pictures and the like.

bathroom tanking

How much money can Tanking a bathroom save me?

Tanking is usually carried out as part of a plan to convert your bathroom into a wet room with a walk in shower, but can also be undertaken if you’re concerned about leaks.

Distressed dresser

Shabby Yet Chic – How To Mix Old With New

Shabby chic is whatever you want it to be really and part of the fun is the fact that you can make it your own because there is so much room for creativity…

Black nikel light switch cover

How to Incorporate Designer Sockets in Your Home

Designer sockets have become extremely popular over the years. With the increasing number of interior design programs on television and the growing number of influential interior designers in the media spotlight, bespoke and custom design for the home has grown to be a more accessible and desirable solution for homeowners everywhere.


Preparing Your Home for Summer Hosting

After all, summer is the perfect opportunity to swing open those patio doors, dig out that outdoor dining set from the back of the garage, dust off those deckchairs, and invite all of your nearest and dearest to enjoy the weather with you.

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