Use External Surveillance to Secure Your Home, Family and Business

Now that we are old enough (and now that many of us have gone through the arduous process of living in smelly and grotty student accommodation), we have been given a job that provides us with the opportunity to fulfill that dream.

Home Fire Alarm

Protecting Your Assets in Your own Home

Fire, flooding, theft and even accidental damage can strip your expensive furnishings of their value at a moment’s notice, but there are several steps that you can take to mitigate any unnecessary risk, and protect your assets from harm.

In Set wood burning stove

Different styles of Wood Burning Stoves for Your Home

If you love fire burning stoves, you’ll be pleased to know that the wood burning is a renewable source of energy which limits the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere (comparatively to other heating sources) and this is a step forward in tackling the issue of global warming and pollution.

Business stationery

Custom Stationary for your Office Needs

There are several ways to customize your office stationary, such as uniquely sized or colored paper or graphic designs ranging from simple, elegant shapes to alphabet photography lettering and background images.

Wooden cutting boards

Must-Have Accessories for Your Kitchen

If you are self-proclaimed chef, you should consider investing in some these necessary accessories for the kitchen so that you can make your meals and goodies without much of a hassle at all.

Sean Locke Digital Planet Design

Planning the Big Move From an Apartment: Top 5 Tasks on the Apartment Moving Checklist

I hate to move, but sometimes it has to happen. Check out these top five apartment moving tasks and make your life that a little easier.


Great Gift Ideas for Mom’s House

You’ve been buying presents for your mom for years worth of birthdays, Mother’s Days and other gift-giving holidays, and you just might be running out of ideas. Here are some great home-use gift ideas for Mom that are not only thoughtful but functional as well.

Juggling Mom

Juggling Isn’t a Trick, It’s a Talent Perfected By Moms

Juggling is simply a talent a mother must acquire when the arrival of baby’s come – here are a few tips to help you new mom outs a bit.


Moving Tips To Help You Save on Relocation Expenses

Moving is stressful and costly but there are ways to save money without the expense of hiring professional movers – here are a few tips that anyone can use. Let’s dive in.

Christmas Tree Fresh Until Christmas

How to Keep the Christmas Tree Fresh Until Christmas

Does the tree you bought for Christmas a few days before the holiday look a little droopy? Here are three tips to keep your Christmas Tree looking fresh until Christmas Day!

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