For people with houses that don’t quite have the capacity for a garage, a carport is definitely something to bear in mind. For those unaware of what a carport is, then the best way to describe it is probably as a garage without walls that can be attached to the side of a house or left to stand alone.

Make no mistake – purchasing a car is, perhaps with the exception of buying a home, potentially the biggest purchase a person can make. As well as it being many people’s pride and joy, it is also a huge financial investment and, as such, should be treated accordingly.

In terms of appearance, this will ensure that it is kept in top condition. However it will also ensure that you aren’t constantly forking out money to mechanics for repairs. Whilst many people swear by using a garage to protect their car, however carports come with just as many, if not more advantages.

Enjoy the open air!

Alans Factory Outlet Carports | Metal Carport

Alans Factory Outlet Carports | Metal Carport (Photo credit: Alans Factory Outlet)

One of the main talking points of a carport is that fact that it is open-air. This can be particularly useful in terms of ventilation as it allows any moisture to be dried off naturally by the atmosphere as opposed to resting on the car until it evaporates inside. The open-air aspect is also extremely convenient, as there is no hanging around waiting for a garage door to open.

This is even more convenient for people who don’t have electric garage doors, as having to get out of the car and open a door in the pouring rain or snow is far from pleasurable for anyone. When it comes to carports however, the driver can just park straight under the roof without any interruption.

Still enjoy protection

Carport in front of garages

Carport in front of garages (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Carports can also protect car from adverse weather, which is all too common. Despite the weatherman’s best attempts, he can’t call it right 100% of the time and trusting their judgement can be a gamble, especially if it hails overnight which could cause costly damage to the paintwork of a car.

On the other hand, if it’s a particularly sunny day or morning, the heat can get into your car and make the seat and steering wheel untouchable, especially on a leather interior. All of this can be avoided with a carport.

A great alternative

To be blunt, installing a canopy will ensure that your car is kept in the best place and condition all year round. Think about it, you’ll no longer have to leave the house earlier in winter and freeze your hands up as you’re de-icing your windscreen. You’ll also not have to worry about birds leaving dropping on the car all year round, as well as other unavoidable aspects such as tree sap and dirty, tumbling leaves, especially in the Autumn.