One of the smallest rooms in your home is also likely to be one of the busiest, which is why your bathroom needs to be functional and use space wisely, whilst still looking easy on the eye.

With the use of bathroom vanities and other storage solutions, as well as some décor ideas, here are some suggestions to add some splash to your small space and make your bathroom a pleasure to use.


Be Bold

A great way of making your bathroom stand out and look a little less like the functional room that it is, would be to use a bold choice of floor and wall tiles.

Rather than settling for regular picks like mini mosaics or subway tile, consider a braver choice such as a boldly-patterned floor, featuring for example, a deep classic blue and white tile with a brash pattern.

You can go bold on the walls if you prefer rather than the floor, but the main design point is to make a statement and provide a contrast that excites the sense every time you step into the bathroom.

Think Beyond White

So many bathrooms are designed with functionality as the primary requirement and with the color scheme almost an afterthought.

If you think beyond the neutrality of white, consider bathroom vanities in other colors like a vibrant red, as a modest space is often greatly improved by a splash of color.

Conventional thinking when it comes to bathroom design is to use white units and add the color to the walls, but if you are daring enough to mix that thinking up a bit, you will often be rewarded with a stunning bathroom.

Feel the Warmth

Bathrooms can sometimes feel a bit cold and emotionless neutral colors won’t help you feel like spending much time luxuriating in there, so try to make it feel homely.

You will really feel the warmth from a psychological perspective if your bathroom achieves a homey ambience, so try to avoid cold, hard finishes if you want the space to be inviting.

This can be done using a dark wood floor which has been properly sealed for wet areas and touches like a toile shower curtain and maybe an armoire inspired vanity to enhance that cozy feel and atmosphere.

Add Some Art

Another excellent way of adding some interest to your bathroom is to add some art.

Bathrooms often get overlooked when it comes to decorating with finishing touches that can make all of the difference, and art gives you plenty of opportunities to create a look and feel of your choice.

You might decide to go for a contemporary feel with some modern art or if you are going for that warm and luxurious combination, a classical piece of art of your choosing would definitely make a difference.

Whether you choose a mini gallery along one wall, a single statement piece or various pieces of art dotted around the room, it will add some personality to your bathroom.

Bathrooms can be busy spaces but even when you only have a small area to work with, adding some creativity to your design and layout will transform the room.