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From time to time we get great home decor related content from fans, readers and friends who don't wish to be a continuing contributing author. This is one of those posts. Thanks un-named contributor!


Why a DIY Conservatory May Be Exactly What You’re Looking For

Homeowners sometimes feel that they need more space in their home, but either can’t afford it or do not want the burden of new construction. A good solution to the problem that demands some serious thought is a DIY conservatory. If the home has a side, front, or back porch, a cost-effective solution to the […]


Knowing When Its Time to Move Out of the Home-Office Into a Real Office

How does one know when to transition from the home office into a business office? Well, today we are going to cover five indicators that will give you those answers. Are you ready to move?

Wooden Shutters

The Many Benefits Of Wooden Shutters

Most people looking to upgrade or change how their home design overlook the power and benefits of shutters – today we’ll take a look on several benefits of having shutters on your home.


[TIP] Check Your Roof Each Season for Leaks

All too often people forget to check their roofs for leaks before it is too late.  A lot of times they ignore the fact that if there isn’t water coming into the house that their roof is fine. Inspect your roof often! Each season get on your roof and walk around to make sure there […]

How to wrap a Christmas Gift 150x150

How to Wrap a Christmas Gift Like a PRO

Always paid the mall to wrap your Christmas presents, and you do not know how? This easy step-by-step guide will tells you exactly how to wrap a Christmas gift like a professional.

Christmas Tree Fresh Until Christmas

How to Keep the Christmas Tree Fresh Until Christmas

Does the tree you bought for Christmas a few days before the holiday look a little droopy? Here are three tips to keep your Christmas Tree looking fresh until Christmas Day!


Decorate your house without burning a hole in your pocket

After living in a house for a while the same decor becomes mundane. Redecorating can be expensive, why not take out a second mortgage or home equity loan to invest your house and redecorate.


9 Elegant Wedding Décor Tips

The date has been set and now it is time to start the planning of that dream wedding! Only, you have no idea where to begin. There are so many magazines, articles and websites that lay claim to the top wedding décor out there.

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