Artificial grass is a divisive issue.

Some love it and others prefer real grass, but artificial grass has come a long way since the Astroturf of your school days.

But if you’re thinking of freshening up your garden, then the dilemma between real and artificial is one that you must consider.

Real Grass

Green Fingers?

If you love gardening, nurturing and giving plants the best chance to grow, bloom and thrive, then a real grass lawn might be more your thing. However, if you want an instant perfect garden, then artificial grass is perfect for you. No hassle and no maintenance make your garden look beautiful instantly.

Artificial Grass


Artificial grass looks and feels almost like real grass these days, especially from high quality artificial grass suppliers. With three colours and ‘spring back’ technology, your lawn will look real, and all you have to do is hose it down occasionally. However, there’s nothing like a real lawn for the smell of cut grass and the feel of it in summer under your feet.

Yard Maintenance


The practical element of the debate between artificial grass and real grass centers around maintenance. Real grass takes far more maintenance than artificial. As well as trimming, mowing and watering, you have to use pesticides and weed your lawn as a lawn is not a natural occurrence. Other plants want to grow with the grass and they will if you don’t look after it vigilantly. Pesticides are not environmentally friendly, and can have affects on plants or animals that you may not want it to. Mowing costs time, and if you use an electric lawnmower, then it will also cost you money and energy. Watering also has a effect on the environment too, as well as costing you money. While you might argue that the production of artificial grass is not environmentally friendly either, there are no maintenance issues that contribute to environmental pollution.

Artificial grass requires no watering, and no mowing. There no need to use pesticides, and only needs maintenance when it gets dirty. It is suitable with children and pets, and stays green all year round without any fuss at all.

So if you’re debating the real vs artificial grass issue, then consider how green you really want to be.