So you’ve decided to up sticks and leave. Your house is too small for your growing family or you are moving to another town for your job.

Whatever your situation, you have a home to sell before you can move on and you are finding that you just can’t get it sold.

To help you along the chain, here are a few helpful tips that will add value to your home to get it shifted off the property market.

Tidy Your Garden

This may sound obvious, but so many people leave their gardens overgrown because they never use it anyway and think ‘what’s the point in doing it now when I am moving home?’ No one is expecting you to start building hot tubs and laying down new lawn, but pulling up the weeds, cutting back the hedges and trees and planting some flowers can go a long way. If the BBQ is sat out their rusting, get a cover to put over it so it isn’t an eyesore. If the shed is wearing away with all the tools in it, give it a coat of paint to make it appear fresh again.

Clear Out the Gutters


Some people are really pedantic when looking to buy a house and will check every nook and cranny to ensure that what you are saying is true. Clear the gutters and drains of any leaves and lose twigs that may have dropped in over the autumn/winter months. It’s also worth going around the house and making sure that all radiators are working, all pipes are in working order and the drainage out of your home is cleared. If everything is running smoothly, there will be little else to worry about other than you selling your home.

Spruce Up the Kitchen

If your kitchen is quite old fashioned or in need of an overhaul, then it might be worth you giving it some tender love and care before you go ahead and let potential buyers into your home. The kitchen is usually the focal hub of the home where people flock in and out of every day so make sure you make it feel and look appealing and attractive to be in. There are a wide range of tricks and tips you can use around the kitchen to make it look more modern and in good working order.

Squeaky Clean Bathroom


Firstly make sure that everything is spotless and secondly make sure that all the seals are redone and tiles are grouted and that any damp is treated. This will only be pulled up in the survey and will affect the price of your house so make sure you are all over this before it is all over your ceilings and walls!

Speak to Your Local Council About Opportunities to Extend

You don’t have to get planning permission but it is worth speaking to your local council about what type of work you can conduct on your home so that you can pass this information on to a potential buyer. That way they can envisage the home, either as how it looks now, or as a house to expand and grow in long term.

Whatever work you decide to do, it is important that you keep on top of your property and also keep your estate agent in the loop about any issues/problems with your home. If maintenance work is required, it may be worth getting these things done, before putting it on the market, so that you don’t lose too much value for money on the sale. Your property management company will be able to provide you with more information. Good luck!