One of the best ways to give an elegant look to your home is oak flooring. It is true that hardwood floors irrespective of their origin add a touch of elegance and impart a classy look to homes. However, the above fact is especially true of oak laminate flooring.

Engineered, aged or brown oak laminate flooring not only give a good finish and add warmth to the interiors, but also it makes a statement about the interior decoration of the home.

Once upon a time, hardwood flooring ruled the flooring world

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It is easy for most of us to recall sitting on wooden floors in our childhood to play board games or slide down the newly waxed floors in the hallways. However, with the passage of time people switched over to newer, cheaper and easy-to-maintain options in flooring that gave a ‘modern’ look to the homes. Thus, they replaced the traditional hardwood flooring with wall to wall carpeting, tiles and linoleum.

Like all other hardwood flooring, oak flooring is available in a range of varieties and grades. The various grades available are character, rustic, classic, provincial, prime and country. The grades depend on the amount of timber grain knots, figuring and patterns. For example, rustic grade is characterized by a good amount of natural figuring while prime oak has a straight grain pattern. Hence, if you want a contemporary look, this is ideal.

What’s the cost?

The cost of the oak flooring depends on the grades. The grain is the main factor in deciding the cost. However, choosing the right flooring depends on the taste and look you want for your home apart from the costs.


Many people feel that it is very difficult to maintain oak laminate flooring. However, if you install the floors correctly, you only need to use wooden floor detergents that are easily available to get rid of the dirt and grime. For heavy stains and to give a polished look, there are liquid wax cleaners.

It is however true that oak laminate flooring adds elegance and value to your home no matter what grade you choose or what color you want. Since centuries, hardwood floors have been used owing to the strength, natural tones, durability and the beauty that it imparts to the home. It just fits in aptly into any kind of decorative scheme you have for your home.

Of course, who doesn’t want to be in touch with nature and get associated with childhood in a subtle way?

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