About Us

Epica Home is the brainchild of Sophie Gates, a native of New Mexico.  


As a child, Sophie has been fascinated with home decors and designs, having been raised by a civil engineer father, and a mother who is very much into interior design. Sophie studied in New York and took up interior design. She has worked in large design projects in the Big Apple and has been mentored by the titans of the home design industry.  


After five years in the business, Sophie took a break from the corporate world and put up her own home design studio – Epica Home. She built a team made up of the people she previously worked with who are very talented and the best in their fields. They are the backbone behind Epica Home and are in charge of all design projects.  


Consultancy design services and interior designs are the bread and butter of Epica Home. We are known for creating awesome and fabulous design projects that our clients truly love. We have projects from different parts of the United States as we are now the go-to interior design agency for boutique and chic homes.  


Sophie, on the other hand, is still the main person behind a lot of the DIY home crafts. Her passion is really into helping people decorate their own homes with materials that they have made themselves. This is why Epica Home provides a lot of how-tos and resources dedicated to helping people create their own home décor projects.  


Check out our website now and see for yourself the kind of work that we are engaged in. Contact us to help you create a fabulous home that you will truly love. Trust that with Epica Home, your home will be transformed into an aesthetic showcase. Call us now.