Us Brits are keen gardeners, and when we do get the odd ray of sunshine, we are straight outdoors to tend to our plants. We also love throwing a barbecue and inviting all our friends and family round to soak up the good weather.

I might not be the most green-fingered, but I certainly do love a good BBQ. In fact, I’ve purchased the best I can afford (you can find high-end equipment like the Weber Q here).

When I look around my garden, though, its contents add up to hundreds of pounds – so I’ve decided to ramp up my security.

Tool ShedTool Shed

The first thing I’ve opted to do is look after my barbecue a bit better. I must admit, I sometimes leave it in my garden exposed to not only the elements, but also prying eyes. I’ve purchased a cover to keep it dry, and I’ll also get into the habit of locking it away in the garage or shed when not in use.

In fact, the lock on my shed is looking a bit worse for wear, so I’m going to invest in a new mortise deadlock to make sure my tools, barbecue and other bits and pieces are as secure as possible. Likewise, I often leave tools lying about. This not only runs the risk of them getting pinched, but also means intruders could use them to get into my property.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a garage or shed. You can buy storage containers to put your tools in and attach a chain to a wall anchor to prevent people being able to carry it away. You might also want to do something similar with your BBQ, as it’ll make it a lot trickier for thieves to steal it if they can’t even drag it from your yard!

If you’re in need of a great shed, go give our friends over at Sheds and Things,, a visit.

Motion-Activated Lighting

Another security tip that’s well worth taking onboard is motion-activated lighting. This is such a simple deterrent and one I highly recommend. When one of my neighbours’ lights goes off at night, I’m always peeking out of my window to see if it’s a cat or something else. I’d like to think they would do the same for me, so this is also on my to-buy list.


While I don’t have the finances to pay for CCTV, I believe it’s a worthy investment if your barbecue, garden features and other accessories are of a very high value. The sight of a camera will no doubt put a lot of intruders off from continuing with their efforts to steal, but this is only a useful piece of equipment if you ensure there’s always tape running.

Fences or Hedges

You also need to think about where your garden accessories are stored. If you keep everything in a front yard, any fences and hedges you have should be high enough to make it obvious that someone is peering in, but not so tall that passersby will not notice a robbery taking place.

On the other hand, fencing and hedges around your back garden should be a lot taller, as this part of your property is often more secluded and less easy to keep an eye on. One piece of advice I’ve followed is to fix trellis to the top of my fence.

This cannot hold the weight of someone clambering over, so the subsequent snap of plastic or wood and tumbling of the individual should quickly bring the situation to your attention! Just make sure you don’t use something harmful like barbed wire, as should someone injure themselves, you could find they sue you.

Do you have any top tips for garden security? Leave your favourite ones below.