A home should always be put through a stage of preparation before its owner attempts to sell it.

A cleaning session is never enough and there are specific steps that should be taken in order to convince potential buyers that it is a great investment and successfully sell the house.

Tips to Sell Your Home

The same principles which are used to sell other merchandise applies to selling a home. Below are five specific factors that are crucial in preparing the home for sale.

Cleaning & RepairCleaning and Repairing

Cleaning was mentioned as not being the only chore that needs to be done in the preparation phase. This doesn’t mean that dusting furniture and applying cleansing detergents to corroded areas aren’t a great way to start, but repairs should also be made to cracks and holes that may be present on the floors, walls, and other fixtures around the house. The potential buyer must believe that the home is in good condition and that they are looking at a fresh option rather than an old, creaky one.

Remove ClutterClutter Removal & Alignment

One of the things that irritate people is not having enough space to move around. Humans associate space with a sense of freedom so getting rid of unnecessary objects for the time being is important. This means trinkets and personal items that conjure a feeling of nostalgia in the owner. Although certain items in a house bring a great feeling to its owner, it does not mean that a potential buyer will come into the house and feel the same way upon seeing it. As a matter of fact, it will make them feel as if the house is virtually not up for sale and that the owner is still attached to it. In order for a home to sell, it must look like a home that belongs to no one. This is not possible if there are family photos and other distracting things lying around. Buyers want to imagine the home belonging to them, so removing anything that points toward the house being owned by someone else is a great idea. As for alignment, there are a few items that can be left for the sake of presentation. This includes spice jars in the kitchen that can be arranged in order of alphabets or towels in the bathroom that can be aligned against one another from large to small sizes. All of these things add to the illusion that there is more space in the home.

Color SchemeNeutral color scheme

Many people attempt to sell homes that have rooms with colored walls in them. This may seem like a harmless situation, but if an area of the house is painted in a particular color, it can either make or break the chances of it selling according to the buyer’s preferences. So in order to eliminate any chances of a person not liking the color scheme of any room, it is wise to paint all or most rooms a neutral color. Grays and beige, and similar hues can be used. But this idea should not be applied to every part of the house. The kitchen is a great example. A bowl of vibrantly colored fruit or boldly designed cookbooks placed on a counter does the kitchen more justice than a colorful wall. The reason why is that people associate fruit and those types of colors with positive emotions if the colors are used in the right way. It also draws attention to the center of the room and when the eyes over to the center of the room, it allows the person to process the whole room objectively rather than scrutinizing it from different angles.

Exterior cleanupExterior

The exterior of the home will be the first thing that meets the eye before entering the home, so adding a clean and crisp feel to the patio, backyard, or any other area that surrounds the home is equally important as anything else previously mentioned. Plant pots can be aligned, any bushes surrounding the home should be trimmed. As for the plant pots, marigolds can be used for the occasion on which a potential buyer visits, as those flowers are affordable.

Finishing Touchespolishing_furniture

Actions such as applying orange oil to the exterior of the kitchen cabinets, polishing tables, waxing floors, and other acts of polishing can serve as the finishing touches to add a hint of luxury and good maintenance. Also, baskets can be placed in the bathroom. Spa treatments, lotions and soaps can be placed into the baskets to give the bathroom a refined look. New bedspreads should be bought because they make the room look better.

Selling and buying is more of a psychological transaction than a physical one. If the home seller is able to remove all objects of sentiment from the home and present it on the market as a piece of property up for grabs, people will be attracted to it rather than if the seller was to make an attempt to sell it through convincing potential buyers how connected they are to the home. It is all about presentation, detachment and selling a marketable home. With that, comes professionalism, and professionalism yields favorable results.

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