Ever wondered what it would be like to have a bedroom made of royalty? I know I have. The key piece to making your bedroom fit for a king is having key furniture pieces embody your goal and objective. Here are five items that’ll make your bedroom fit for a king and royalty.

Royal BedA Stately Slumber

This classic chic brass bed comes complete with and complimentary crystal accessories to customize your sleeping quarters. It comes with a sprung slatted base to ensure both his and her majesty sleep easily at night.

The timeless detail even resembles the Royals scepter for added grandeur.

Available from only £350 at 1907 Beds.

Dressing TableA Divine Dressing Table

Keeping with the gold theme, this stunning French dressing table is just what you need to compliment your bedroom accessories and play King and Queen in your own home.

The design is inspired by the opulent Royal interior design from the 17th and 18th Centuries and offers a majestic, yet subtle, addition to your furnishings. The intricate detailing and decorative crests sit neatly on each of the three mirrors which pivot to whichever angle you wish. Quaint drawer space is included.

Available from £1210 at Furnish.

Luxury Storage ArmoireLuxury Storage

I doubt the Royals have ever been short of clothes space in their Palace so why should you compromise in yours?

This four door mirrored wardrobe comes in back and gold styling and yells affluence to all who greet it. Plus, all four doors are lockable so you can keep the kids and housemaids mitts off your treasures!

The French inspired design compliments the gold dressing table perfectly and comes with a large central compartment plus ample shelves and hanging space. The ornate carvings complete the luxurious look and adorn the solid frame.

Available from £2600 at Chichi.

Lavish LightingLavish Lighting

No Royal themed room would be complete without a lavish chandelier – a grand 2 tier gold chandelier in fact! The stunning frame is adorned with candleholder bulbs and glass droplets to compliment golden beads and acrylic arms.

At a weight of 17.5kg and a height of 86cm, the lush lighting feature will make any home into lodgings fit for a regal visit.

Available from £795 at Alexander and Pearl.

Kingly Timepiece

Kingly Timepiece

Never miss a Royal appointment again with this sumptuous timepiece complete with wake-up alarm.  Aside from the stunning sculpture, this classic clock features intricate flower detailing to the front and side which adds even more luxury to the vintage fashion design. Place on your bedside table or dressing table and glorify your boudoir in kingly décor.

Available from $90 at Ali Express.