Homes are our getaway from the daily grind of the professional world and a haven where we can kick off our shoes and relax in the luxury that best suits our taste.

Luxury homes need additional planning and care as they are beacons of leisure and splendor. Luxury home design ideas may not conform to the budget of the common man, but if you have the taste and the pocket to include such designs in your abode, you will definitely experience the difference.

Trendy luxury home design ideas:

Surreal Interior Furnishings / Technology Upgrades

Furniture forms a major part of any home and unique and exquisite pieces can make your home unusually beautiful.

Luxury Home Design Ideas, Theater

One example is that of Carla Tomeo which incorporates various elements of nature (colorful flowers, leaves) into its detailed Italian craftsmanship. Besides adding furniture you can also incorporate large windows and high ceilings for giving your place a feeling of openness.

Many luxury homes today opt for private home theaters which are highly sophisticated and comfortable. Basements generally house private theatres, but some are known to have a separate room for this purpose. Gaming rooms are also among the latest luxury home design ideas. Gaming and recreational rooms are also gaining popularity with clubs and country houses becoming more and more crowded.

From the choice of games to mini-bars, a great rec room can soon become your favorite weekend getaway.

Outdoor Furniture and Decor

Luxury Home Design Ideas, OutdoorThe latest styles are heavily influenced with nature and one popular designer is Laura Spector who specializes in lyrical interpretation of the organic form. Her outdoor furniture pieces include wicker furniture made from the Oriental Bittersweet vines and intertwining twigs. The unique beauty of her work is a culmination of natural beauty and contemporary style. Wood preservatives and polyurethane ensure enhanced resistance and long life.

Stainless aluminum is another popular building material and can provide rust proof and scratch proof aristocratic furniture. A leader in luxury leisure furniture is Brown Jordan who has been in this business for over 60 years. Jordan collections are made from tubular aluminum and vinyl lace with hand woven classic designs; surely they can add a sparkle and enhance the outdoor design integrity of any luxury home.

Marvel Bathroom Fixtures

Home Design Ideas, BathroomBathrooms are often the places that distinguish good and great designs of homes. While it is common to interpret luxury as large, compact and slick fixtures are making their way in to most bathrooms. Spa inspired walk-in and sit-down bath tubs provide a luxurious soak as much as any conventional tub. The space that their compact size makes available adds to the openness of the place.

A great idea to quickly spruce up the washroom is by the use of antiques for fixtures such as towel holders/hangers and handcrafted sinks. The Art Ceram collection of bathroom sinks provide an elite, clutter-free, space age design; these industrial designs use steel, chrome and ceramic enforcements. The basin cup design which is free standing and inspired by a coffee mug is a current hot favorite.

Based on how much you want to experiment, you can opt for a complete makeover or try the quick changes as mentioned above; either ways, once you turn the luxury way, there’s no turning back.